Our barging services allows us to work on unique properties with limited access. Our barge has the capability to take cement trucks, lumber trucks full of material, fully loaded dump trucks and just about anything else you can think of! The size of the barge allows for the machinery to be on deck while we dredge and still bring a considerable amount of material to shore for removal.  The jobs that we have done include marinas, boathouses with wet slips and areas that sediment has built up over the years so that people cannot get their boats in and out any longer.

We have also provided salvage services for various marinas that have had clients hit something on the water or home owners that have had issues with marine railway failures causing the boats to get trapped.

You will find the Captain and Crew navigating the waters of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching from the beginning of May until December.

Lakel Simcoe


Environment Canada has weather reporting stations all across this great country. Five years and counting it has been our job to deploy and retrieve the Lake Simcoe Weather Buoy 45151.  This amazing piece of equipment sends real time data and results can be found on the National Data Buoy Centre’s website.


Safety is always a top priority at Headstart Construction – our crews use this site to find out lake conditions before they leave Port.