Environmentally Friendly

While working on the water, we recognized the need for tertiary septic system installation. Our staff is licensed to install Waterloo Biofilter, Premier Tech Systems and Norweco. We have installed numerous systems for commercial and residential uses and are affiliated with sewage pumpers that are capable of using our barging services for maintain island properties on Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. Headstart Construction are part of the Roth Multi-tank Certified Installer Program which provides property owners with peace of mind and a better warranty on their tanks. We are now Norweco septic installers (factory trained), Infiltrator septic tank installers and  certified!

Maintenance Products

Maintaining your septic system doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming

The two products below are all natural, non-toxic, efficient and user friendly. Purchase these products directly from Headstart construction to start breaking down your organic waste today.


Scicorp uses a liquid formula of natural micro-nutrients that is designed to accelerate biological activity, growth and metabolism of the hydrolyzing, facultative and pure anaerobes within wastewater treatment systems. This product is Biologic® SR2 SR2 FEATURES & BENEFITS: Accelerates biological treatment using natural trace micro-nutrient additions, SR2 contains no bacteria, enzymes or harsh chemicals. Specifically designed to stimulate facultative and non-pathogenic microorganisms. Rapidly eliminates odours without the use of masking agents or hazardous chemical oxidants. Contains 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients. Safe, versatile and user friendly.
Easy to use and has a long shelf life Improved digestion of organic matter. Onsite destruction of many organics. Complete breakdown of fats and greases. Reduced solids disposal and associated energy costs. Improved anaerobic sludge digester operations. Eliminates foaming in digesters. Increased organic removal efficiencies. Reduced pumping. Reduction of many scums and deposits. More stable sludge, easier to dewater. Reduced odours. Provide more consistent, predictable results.


Bio-AXN’s super concentrated formula breaks down organic matter, bottom solids & scum eliminating odours and improving overall flow. Eliminates overall sludge and odour – Provides optimized degradation of organic waste or odour – Reduces population of hydrogen sulfide forming bacteria and odour Bio-AXN is a proprietary blend of multiple microbial families of highly specialized non-pathogenic microbes, selected for their ability to rapidly digest organic nutrients. Organisms include both aerobic and anaerobic varieties so that digestion can be assured under a variety of conditions and temperatures. Active Ingredients: Starch digesting amylases, protein digesting protease, cellulose digesting cellulase, fat digesting lipase. Bio-AXN digests organic waste in tanks, chambers and soil! Failing septic bed? Bio-AXN is highly recommended to be put into the septic bed directly to save your failing bed. It digests organic waste in chambers, tanks and soil.

ClearPod Drop-in Unit

Cost-effective consumer friendly solution designed to:

Significantly improve performance

Reduce treatment-related odours

Aid in the remediation of challenged wastewater treatment systems

Dramatically reduces contamination of surface and ground water caused by under performing systems

Be an economical system performance upgrade to extend the system’s lifespan